About First Mediation

First Mediation Corporation was formed in 1990 and serves as the administrator of cases for Jeffrey Krivis and Mariam Zadeh, as well as a resource for clients and colleagues in the ADR field. The firm is also involved in training, consultation and advice to the legal community and designs protocols for resolving complex disputes involving both multiple parties and geographical challenges.


Jeffrey Krivis began his mediation practice in 1989, when lawyer-mediators in Southern California were rare, and litigators had to look outside the state for experienced practitioners. Now, years later and having resolved thousands of disputes — including wage and hour and consumer class actions, entertainment, mass tort, employment, business, complex insurance, product liability and wrongful death matters — Krivis is recognized not only as a pioneer in the field, but also as one of the most respected neutrals in the state.


Mariam Zadeh, a native New Yorker and active trial attorney, relocated her litigation practice to Los Angeles in 2001. She obtained her L.L.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, and became a partner with Jeffrey Krivis. She specializes in mediating employment, class action, life, health and disability, catastrophic personal injury and commercial matters.


Jeff regularly handles cases throughout California as well as the Carmel/Monterey area, where he maintains a part time residence.

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