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Wage and Hour Class Action Interview with Jeffrey Krivis, Mark Rudy and Peter Lichtman

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Presentation: Using Improvisational Techniques in Trial – Nov 15, 2013

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Neutrals with specialties that stand out in the crowd… (more)

Best Lawyers’ 2010 Los Angeles Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year

Los Angeles Daily Journal – Through Jazz, Bringing Mediation “Fresh To Life”
Called “Improvisational Mediation,” Jeffrey Krivis teaches a course at Pepperdine Law School which brings together numerous disciplines, including jazz and theatre … (more)

2008 International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution – Five Steps to Maximizing Dollars When the Objective Is Money
Parties come to mediation with different objectives. Some want closure, confidentiality, or free discovery. Others were referred by the court and attend by obligation. Most, however, participate because they want to maximize their recovery dollars. If you fall into this category, read on … (more)

December 2007, Daily Journal – Making It In ADR: Passion and Dedication
When judges began leaving the bench in the early 1990’s to enter the budding fields of private dispute resolution…(more)

April 2007, The Hollywood Reporter – Power Mediators
Our inaugural list of the top 32 mediation specialists for entertainment disputes…(more)

2006 Book Of The Year Award from CPR Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Improvisational Negotiation wins book award from CPR Institute for Conflict Prevention & Prevention…(more)

Can We Call a Truce? Ten Tips for Negotiating Workplace Conflicts.
San Francisco, CA (June 2006)—Conflict happens. It happens in all areas of business. Disputes can arise between employees, between business partners, between a company and a client. And if such issues are not settled, bad things can happen… (more)

Three Quick Tricks for “Reading Minds”
Knowing what people are thinking and feeling can help you build rapport and, eventually, resolve conflicts. Here are a few tips from master mediator Jeffrey Krivis to get you started… (more)

Top Neutrals In The State
Recognizing the State’s Top Neutrals – Who makes the best mediator? Are former judges, with their authority with years on the bench, the go-to neutrals? Or do lawyers, who come armed with negotiation know-how, surpass their judicial colleagues.. (more)

August 2006 – How the U.S. Could Negotiate a Successful Peace Agreement
With new reports of violence coming in every day, a sustainable peace in the region is looking more and more out of reach. Mediator Jeff Krivis says we shouldn’t give up on peace for the region and the U.S. may be the country to help bring it to fruition… (more)

2006 Los Angeles Daily Journal
The International Academy of Mediators, many of whose members were trained at Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute, is teaming with the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and the Harvard Negotiation Research Project to co-sponsor “Dialogue at Harvard: Master Thinkers Meet Master Practitioners… (more)

Summer 2005 Big News – Going Global
Local neutrals join large-scale international dispute resolution consortium. Effectively managing conflict is a full-time job for most California neutrals. And in the past they worked either in the state or perhaps the West. But now several California neutrals have been selected for panels with New York City-based International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution…. (more)

2005 Daily Journal EXTRA – Litigation Files
Jeffrey Krivis calls a story he penned about a man who sued his employer for wrongful termination “Independence Day.” The man’s plight, on the surface, was simple. After 20 years with a Fortune 100 company, he was laid off. He’d never worked another job and was having a difficult time… (more)

2005 Los Angeles Daily Journal EXTRA – Common Ground
The X factor in mediation is the ability to influence the other side to pay more or take less. Finding the elusive X factor is the challenge for most mediators, and is often done in the face of uncertainty. This uncertainty takes many forms and can serve as a barrier if not acknowledged… (more)

2005 Alternatives – How to Develop More Options For Employment Mediation
When Congress decided to include, as gross income, settlements made for “nonphysical” injury torts, it reduced the value of such settlements by up to 45%. This has been particularly devastating in employment cases, where emotional distress recoveries often helped… (more)

Translating Theory Into Practice…Pepperdine University School of Law
Pepperdine is more than an educational institution. It stands at the very center of dispute resolution. In over ten years of affiliation with the Straus Institute, it has struck me that the people who study and teach there are true trendsetters. They have a vision that seeks out new ways to implement and adapt the principles of ADR… (more)

California’s Top 50 Mediators and Arbitrators.
Attorneys like Julia A. Molander worry that the rise of mediation spells trouble for the future of the justice system. But veteran neutrals say alternative methods of resolution are doing what they were created to do take pressure off courts… (more)

2004 Super Lawyers: Mediator Profile
Super Lawyer Jeffrey Krivis: Jeffrey Krivis has been recognized by the Daily Journal, the premier legal publication in Southern California, as one of the “top 20 neutrals in the state”… (more)

Top 50 Neutrals – Jeffrey Krivis
It’s a rarity to find a mediator who can settle all kinds of cases and is able to deal with the personalities of the lawyers and the clients… (more)

2003 Advocate – “Taking a mediator to lunch”
Straight from the horses’ mouths… at lunch with Jeffrey Krivis, Michael Moorehead and Troy Roe. (more)

20 Most Sought After Mediators and Arbitrators in The State
Jeffrey Krivis is a mediation who know how to finish a deal. And if it doesn’t happen in one day, he’ll keep at it until the parties reach a settlement… (more)

2000 California LawBusiness – “The Closer”
Every day I meet with people and try to sort through their conflicts in order to achieve some meaningful consensus or agreement. Some of these sessions are more difficult than others, but a challenging part of the process comes when one party fails to show any appreciation toward the other party for whatever concession has been given, however modest… (more)

1998 Daily Journal Mediator Profile – “Reading Thought to Find a Meeting of the Mind”
Judging by the way he describes one of his secrets to success, it’s hard to tell if Jeffrey L. Krivis is a mediator or a psychic… (more)

1997 Daily Journal Mediator Profile – “A Full-Time Mediator is a Rarity in California”
A full-time mediation is a rarity in California… (more)